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I'm not partial to working in any particular genre or style, I just love helping to create projects that have an impact on the audience.

While I have my opinions on how things ought to sound, I always want the finished product to to reflect the artist's intentions.  

After all, it's not my record.  Let me know what you want it to sound like and I will deliver.  

Or just trust me to follow where the sounds take me.

If you're interested in working with me in the Western NY area, give me a holler.

Or just send me your material from wherever you are and we can work together online.


With every project I work on, I strive to make it the best I've ever done.


I've carefully assembled a kickass system with almost limitless potential to do whatever I want.

I used to work in studios with the biggest analog desks in the world and outboard that covered the walls.  

I don't miss any of it anymore.  

I have all of that power contained contained in a few rack spaces in my home studio.  It's pretty amazing how far we've come in just a few years.


I can adapt to work in any situation, whether it's a commercial studio, home studio, or rehearsal space.  

I have a portable rig for location recording in any situation, and I can adapt to work in any studio.


I still do certain things the old fashioned way.

I still use faders to mix manually, and don't get caught up in staring at the computer screen.  

While I certainly have the tools to fix everything to perfection, I prefer to retain the human element wherever possible.

But I don't miss hiss, crosstalk, scratchy knobs and intermittent noises of "vintage" gear.



The convenience of file transfer makes long distance collaboration easier than ever.

Via secure web streaming, you can listen to my progress in real time from the comfort of your home, or wherever you have broadband access!

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