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  • CD-DDP Masters
  • Vinyl Premasters
  • Digital Release
  • Mix Consultation

Mastering is usually the last step in the album making process, but you shouldn't have to wait to hear how I can help your project.


My monitoring rig is based around ADAM S3a full range speakers, Sennheiser HD-800 headphones and a Crane Song Avocet Monitoring controller and DA converter.  The detail and balance of this system is amazing.  It allows me to quickly diagnose and clean up things that might not have been apparent in other mixing environments.


It's so easy to fool yourself with a "louder is better" approach.  My setup allows me to instantly monitor a level-matched comparison between my processing and the untouched source so I can tell immediately whether I am helping the sonics or not. 


With the widespread use of the home studio, nowadays most engineers mix unattended, and as a result it's easy to lose perspective.  Often they are being misled by flattering monitors and inaccurate acoustics.  I can help get the mixes back on track.

Folks can send me their in-progress mixes and we'll bounce ideas back and forth and I'll run a quick reference for them to hear where they might be running into issues.

While loudness is something we all strive for in mastering,
I don't willingly sacrifice fidelity to achieve it.
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