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I've done tons of music mixing of live performances for ABC television on Good Morning America and The View.  It's fast paced and immensely rewarding to have my work reach millions of ears instantaneously

Live and Broadcast




I was an integral part in getting AOL Music off the ground with Sessions@AOL and AOL Music Sessions. Starting as live to DAT audio only sessions, they bloomed to full blown multi camera shoots at all the NYC recording studios and soundstages.


I worked on numerous Clearchannel and iHeartRadio broadcasts, which were featured online and across the Clearchannel national radio network.


I've recorded and mixed shows for VH1 and MTV Online and live webcasts for The Life Is Good and Bonnaroo festivals.

Production Mixing




I mixed the news for WHEC-TV (Rochester, NY), and I've worked on shows for A&E, CBS, AXS and Comedy Central.  It's a completely different mindset and I enjoy the immediacy of producing a finished product on the fly.



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